Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shame in Wisconsin

There is great shame in Madison today. The Capitol was closed to protesters (and most everyone else) yesterday. By last night, a legal solution was in the works based on our state Constitution which clearly prohibits closing the Capitol to We The People. By around 11:00 AM today, a group of lawyers arrived at the Capitol to deliver an injunction stating that We The People must be allowed entry. The Governor's administration, via the Department of Administration, chose to ignore that order and filed an appeal. It was clearly a delaying tactic designed to keep protesters out of the building while he made his budget address.


There were many angry protesters being denied entry. Law enforcement officials 8-10 strong prevented entry. They were clearly unhappy about the duty. Clearly perturbed local Sheriff Dave Mahoney held a press conference at noon and stated, "My deputies will not be palace guards," and pulled them from door duty. The Governor delayed the injunction proceedings long enough to keep protesters out of the Capitol past his 4:00 PM session. We seem to have a problem with an administration that does not like hearing dissent.


By the time I left, after 8 hours, Law Enforcement were still not allowing people into the building. We will, of course, prevail in the end, but his autocratic behavior has now been clearly demonstrated. If Governor Walker were capable of it, I would hope he would feel shame.


But alas, I do not think he is capable of it. He is a true Believer who is certain he is right and nothing is going to change his mind. So small-town Wisconsin who voted for Walker, are you prepared for a $900 million dollar cut in school funding? Ready to give up school band, chorus, art, and extra-curricular activities? Ready to pay more for school supplies that teachers now purchase with their own money? Ready to have Johnny and Susie in classes that are 30% larger? Are you prepared for deep cuts to mental health services in Dane and Milwaukee counties, where you currently send those from your area who need services? Because when they are cut, you get to keep them and handle them and the associated problems their untreated mental health issues create. Are you prepared for massive cuts to Medicade? What are you going to do with your elderly and least able who now rely on Medicade? What are you going to do when your municipal budget is slashed and libraries are forced to cut hours, or close altogether?

Ah, but rest assured, some 60% of corporations in Wisconsin will still have to pay zero taxes. Is that great, or what?

As has become my habit during this protest, today's photos are in this SLIDE SHOW, with the most current up front.

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