Thursday, March 10, 2011


So after last night's fiasco, a few thousand of my closest friends and I gathered at the Capitol this morning around 9:30. It seems there was a problem right from the get-go. There was to be an Assembly vote at 11:00 AM, but the jack-booted thugs in charge of the building (Department of Administration) were not letting people in. Not only were they not letting in We The People, they were not letting in Democrat Assemblymen. WTF?


So, We got a rousing impromptu speech from Reverend Jesse Jackson who was supposed to address the Assembly. Turns out he was persona non grata too. If you look over to Rev. Jackson's left, you will see Assembly Dem Joe Parisi in the orange t-shirt who was also locked out of the building (as was CNN).


More than a few people noted that the palace guards were all Wisconsin State Patrol, the law enforcement agency which is now headed by the FATHER of the two brothers who are the Senate and House majority leaders. Nepotism anyone?


Very few of us actually got into the Capitol to raise our voice in protest. "They" were tightly controlling access.


It didn't matter in the end. The Republicans again resorted to trickery (even though they didn't need to) and called a hasty vote. The bill passed the Assembly and goes on to the Terminator Governor.

It seems that today the high school civics lesson was taken out of the schools and brought into the Capitol. Good. What they learned today will live in their minds forever.


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  1. Miles asked an interesting question: what would they do if everybody who's protesting moves out of the state? If the next step they take is to copycat the garbage Michigan just passed, ya'll want me to pull out the futon and keep a pot of soup warming?


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