Monday, February 28, 2011

Oi gente, é carnaval!

This past Saturday night, rather than freezing my butt off for another few hours at the Capitol, I was instead covering a hot, hot, hot event: Brasilian Carnaval (that's Mardi Gras to y'all) at The Majestic. The Handphibians, A Madison Wisconsin based community percussion ensemble, dedicated to promoting the music and cultural traditions of Brazil and special guests rocked the joint for four and a half hours.


The evening started off with Masamba Dance's Cody Jussel teaching the crowd how to do Samba dance. She got a pretty good chunk of the crowd out on the floor for the lesson, a rare feat.

The Handphibians (DS3_3970)
The Handphibians

Other diversions throughout the night of excellent music included a brief capoeira demonstration ...

Capoeira Demonstration (DS3_4120)

... and of course, Samba dancers wearing little but feathers.

Samba Dancer (DS3_4358)

Some paying gigs are definitely more interesting than others! I love the opportunities such work offers me to work in a crowd, see and hear amazing music and dance, and maybe even have a beer while doing so (though the Majestic is mighty proud of it's beer based on the charged price).

I hope these few pics warmed you up just a bit.

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