Friday, November 26, 2010

You cannot resist!

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am something of a junkie when it comes to cats. And in contrast to the incessant jokes of late-night comedians (and erstwhile friends) I am quite the social butterfly with actual friends and I do not spend all my time obsessing about my cat and watching television shows about people who have friends.

Well, maybe I obsess about my cat. But only because I freed up time by not watching television. I would like to say that my cat rewards this behavior by slavishly smothering me in feline amoré, but that would be an outright lie - at least so far. The newish kitty (2 months now) is settling in, and her skittishness diminishes daily. Now when she runs to hide, she runs to the low table that we covered with a cloth and "hides" there, 5 feet away rather than in some dank corner of the basement. We have taken to playing with her while she is "hiding" with a now-demolished peacock feather so her retreat space is also a play space. In no way can she be described as a "lap cat", which is what we were REALLY wanting. Heh!

Still, she is undeniably beautiful and photogenic, so while she abides, we do too. Time will tell...

Upside Down Nala

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