Saturday, November 20, 2010


These two photographs - featured on my new Maternity page at my business site - were simply begging to be displayed together.

Alabaster Silhouette

The juxtaposition between the alabaster white and the jet black is delightful to my eye. The first was taken against a brightly lit background with the mother-to-be also brightly lit, while the second, the silhouette, was taken by having the black-clad m-t-b stand in directly front of a large soft box flash. If you visit the maternity site linked above, you will notice that I flipped the alabaster image here for effect.

Of course, these are the close-cropped arty examples of my maternity work. They are easy to display because the subject is anonymous. Should you or someone you know decide to have maternity photos taken, your head will be included at no extra charge. *grin* In all seriousness, what better way to celebrate your pregnancy than by having beautiful photographs taken to capture your radiance forever?

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