Thursday, November 11, 2010

Interplay of Light and Shadow

The advent of fall brings mixed feelings for me. I enjoy winter and the things that come with it like snow and ice. I have a harder tie with the long hours of darkness. What has been catching my eye - and photographic interest - when I am out and about lately is the interplay of light and shadow. It started with this post from mid-October, and continues. These are from the past week:

Ahh, why didn't I have a stepladder with me on the motorcycle?


Both of the above were taken in the same Middleton, WI, park just a few minutes apart. I was taking a roundabout way home on the motorcycle because I knew the light would be good. This is the sort of thing I was seeking, though I also found other good shots (like the sk8ters in the prior post).

This next was taken yesterday on Bascom Hill on the UW Madison campus looking east towards the state capitol. We were there to participate in the "Stop The Silence" rally aimed at reducing bullying and other harassment of LGBT members of our family and society.

Bascom Hill Shadow and Light

The day was a little hazy and the light not quite as dramatic (it was earlier in the day than the others) but my eye still wanted to get that interplay.

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