Tuesday, November 9, 2010

With an Eye Towards Beauty

I was on an event shoot last weekend and was mostly shooting the space and the occupants - both the patrons and the inventory - with no eye towards shooting individual people. There were a few exceptions; children using the space and the proprietor, but mostly I was after the rooms and the event. And then I saw this:

Beauty in Orange

It was a totally pedestrian moment, yet removed from other context the portrait is quite beautiful. It is a little soft and a little grainy due to high ISO and long shutter and that just seems to heighten the quietness of the image. Unusual for me, I was using a 12-20 wide angle which was not at all optimal for this shot, but I worked with what I had. And I am glad I did! [That reminds me of a Chuck Norris film, An Eye For An Eye, in which actor Mako clobbers an adversary with an old bake-lite telephone and utters the line, "The true warrior uses what is at hand."]

This portrait is even nicer in a larger size.

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