Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A couple of weeks ago a pregnant acquaintance let me take a photo or six of her during her pregnancy. She got a handful of images to celebrate her condition, and I got what is becoming one of my most compelling photographs.

The Shape of Beauty
The Beauty of Her Body

I would love to hear your reaction to this photograph. Please leave a comment.


  1. Awesome Glimpse of the Goddess! Totally captivating!

  2. Jill Thompson OelkeNovember 17, 2009 at 7:52 PM

    The lighting was perfect - and you captured the beauty of the human body at one of its fullest potentials! Thank you for sharing! Jill

  3. I don't have full grasp of my own observation, but scrolling down to motorcycle then back again flashed an image or thought through my mind mind of curves and how they're applied or the mind views. Interesting from various perspectives.

  4. I have always maintained that a woman in her fullness is the most beautiful of beings. We stand in awe of her. Nice photo -- understatement!

  5. "Very beautiful. The pregnant shape is a voluptous beauty, full of sensual potential. I love that this woman is also wearing pearl - very symbolic, and the rounded shape is echoed in her own forms of breast & belly.
    Great shot."

  6. Wow, beautiful. I find pregnant women to be stunningly gorgeous... I just wish I could see her head, though. I guess what comes up for me is a women's body image headless which doesn't sit well. Thought I'd just mention that...

  7. "this is gorgeous. the lighting, the shapes, the sensuality of it all, simply wonderful."

  8. I'm all for your content...this is a wonderfully juicy subject packed full of meaning. Yes.

    But, for me personally, this photo doesn't take me there. The angle is squared, the light is high contrast and harsh... the feel for me is journalistic - you know like a photo that would run alongside a factual article about pregnancy.

    Perhaps you could have put her behind one of your wonderful translucent drapes so that you would still have the silhouette you seek but it would be softened? I've seen enough of your work to know that you can capture the angles/shadows/highlights of the human body very well. I'd love to see a series of shots of a pregnant woman nude with the same kind of light that you shot yourself awhile back (in B/W). I also like your photo of the pregnant belly in the lake with the water rippling around it.

    So, I guess I'm saying I don't find this photo as compelling as many of your other shots, and believe you can do much better with this subject, and should do so. Fair enough?

  9. It may be worth noting that this subject was not "modeling" when this photo was taken. I had been taking photographs of inanimate objects, and this was a seized moment. There were no props to be had, and the light was a 24"x36" softbox. Thus, the clean silhouette of just the torso was not only what I wanted at that opportunity, it was the limit of what that light would illuminate. We weren't even in a place where I could grab a sheet or some other softener to make a really big soft light. The two or three other shots from that moment have her at slightly different angles and it just doesn't convey that lovely shape.

    I find it interesting how people view a photograph, myself included. All of one's life experiences color the impression.

  10. That's truly beautiful I LOVE the necklace...adds a certain elegance.


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