Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Farmer's Market Beauty

Last Saturday was the final farmer's market of the year. The weather was spectacular - short sleeved shirts were common - and people were out in droves. I didn't find much interest in taking people pictures, but the produce itself was deliciously attractive.


I walked all the way around, assuming that in one of the eight blocks I would find some coffee or a bakery item to tempt me. I was surprised to find myself back at my starting point with no food or java in my belly.


I did not mind a bit. The booths were staffed with happy, smiling farmers and friends of farmers, and the people shopping and browsing were delighted to be there. It was the sort of environment that creates a feel-good vibe simply by being present.


I will fondly remember this day in a few weeks when the snow starts flying and the bitter wind is howling. But for now, I will simply revel in it.

I revel in it!
Clear blue skies, toasty sunshine,
Autumn's last hurrah.

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