Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Photographer versus the Wacky Wheeler

I had a fun series of photos from the Willy Street Fair that I had intended to post a while back. I waited because there was another photo taken by a local photographer that was used in the "Scenes" feature in Isthmus, and I had written to her to ask if I could link to that photo, or if she would let me post it here with credit to her. It would have been a perfect image to complete the series. Alas, she never responded to my request. Deciding that the series was fun enough on its own, here it is.

The scene: The Willy Street Fair Parade
The players: Rob Summerbell, aka the Wacky Wheeler (using a very special German Wheel), and Nataraj Hauser, intrepid photographer lacking both fear and common sense.

We open the scene near the mid-point of the parade. Rob is approaching on his German wheel when he spies Hauser's long, curly blond hair cascading from behind a still camera. Pointing imperiously, Summerbell directs Hauser to lay down in the street in his path. Clearly he intends to overrun Hauser and thinks it will be amusing to see what happens to the camera. True to his impetuous nature (and lack of common sense), Hauser complies.

Willy Street Fair
Hauser on deck, SummerBell poised for over-run

Beginning his maniacal charge, Summerbell cackles with glee at the impending mayhem.

Willy Street Fair

Realizing that the steel wheel was going to miss crushing both Hauser and his camera, Summerbell aims a kick. Alas, he is a moment too slow and misses.

Willy Street Fair

Continuing on his way, Summerbell the Wacky Wheeler look for fresh mischief, while Hauser, still laying in the street, captures one last image from over his head.

Willy Street Fair

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  1. Excellent! I love both the photographic perspective, but your description as well. Glad you survived. Any nightmares? ;)


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