Friday, September 6, 2013

Scouting For A Shoot

Somehow despite not currently having a day job, I have managed to let this blog languish. Life has been filled with interesting things, but I have not felt compelled to do much in the way of photo documentation. And tellingly, what little I have done went first to Pinterest. Who knew?

Mambling aside, I have an upcoming photo shoot at Olbrich Gardens. It is a lovely place, and I have spent man hours there, and yet I needed to ascertain where the sun would be at the time we would be there. So I tossed the camera in a bag and went scouting. There are a lot of diverse nooks and crannies where photos could be taken, and abundant variety of background foliage. While visually intriguing this is not ideal for a group photo...


I did find several good locations so I got the scouting work done. But as a garden, there is so much to draw the eye! I do not recognize many of the plants there, and my memory is overwhelmed so I seldom remember more than one or two specific plants. No identification of the following from me then, but you are welcome to chime in with a comment if you recognize something.




Thanks for taking this moment to share my experience. I'll likely get another post out of this trip, and maybe even a black and white version.


  1. I'd like to see some pictures of the shoot you were setting scouting.


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