Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mea Culpa and Self Indulgence

Bad blogger! I see it has been months since I posted here, and even the gentle prodding of an anonymous commenter did not spur me to action. Well please accept my humble apologies and allow me to rectify my tardiness with a most un-humble post.

As part of Cycropia Aerial Dance I have been delighted to have opportunities galore this fall to perform. I missed our big show in August as I was officiating at a friend's wedding. That was a very difficult thing for me to pass up because that show is typically the highlight of the year. The performances pictured here are from various corporate gigs we have done since late summer. We have THREE more this weekend (!) so there may be more coming soon.

Since this is primarily a photo blog, I will stop writing and let the photos speak. Thanks for stopping back.

On a pulley rig about 20 feet up in a business atrium.

Backstage. Aerial keeps the body toned!

Happy boy. Please ignore the slap-dash Photoshop blurring of the background!

Outside on the new portable rig. That is me, on the bottom.

One more on the portable rig. That is me, again on the bottom.


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