Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Walk To Olbrich

On our walk today we headed over to the Olbrich Gardens. They had transformed an inside room - the room I normally vote in - into a spring bloom display. Mostly there were primroses, cyclamen, and daffodils, but there were a few other interesting things.


It was such a beautiful day so it seemed silly to not wander in the gardens outside. Of course there is nothing really happening yet because there is still 8-12 inches of snow everywhere, but the upper-30's (F) temperatures still felt delicious. We made our way over to the Thai pavilion.



It is really such an eye-catching building, and this time of year the colors blaze to our eyes that are so attuned to white, gray, and brown.

There are more larger-format photos in a SLIDE SHOW for you to enjoy our walk.

One of the photos really deserves an explanation: There is a small tree with a dead-looking shoot next to it. As we passed by, the smaller stalk was oscillating, moving fully an inch at its top. Nothing else around it was moving. What the heck was causing it to vibrate like that? I tried to slow my shutter waaay down to capture the movement, but that is not easy when there is bright white snow all around.

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