Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pagee GoGo at the King Club

Pagee GoGo played a rousing set of pagode music to a capacity crowd at the King Club. Follow the link above (the title of this post) to see all the photos.

I had intended to experiment with the bounce flash. However, the walls and ceiling of the (dumpy) King Club are painted jet black, so there wasn't any bounce to be had. I ended up using direct flash which I often find too harsh. Any tips on moderating my flash to get softer images? Here's one image I liked:

Lots of dancers shaking it to that sizzlin' samba beat. Here's a couple of Brazilian regulars:

And a shot of my sweetie. This is one of those where I feel like the flash effect is too harsh.


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  2. Hey Nataraj, have you tried using a flash card? Its a nice way to get a softer flash out of these modern monster external flash units. You just rubber band a playing card to the top of the flash, face of the card towards the subject. Like this

    My old Nikon Flash even had one built in, very handy. Sadly my newer Cannon lacks this feature, grrr. I usually tilt the flash just a little bit towards the subject, so there is a tiny bit of direct and mostly just the indirect bounce off the card.

    Good luck!
    Jeff Lapierre (From yesteryear!)

  3. You're right, the direct flash does produce harsh light. I use a slightly more high tech version of the playing card - it's a bounce panel that velcro's on to your flash head: midibouncer
    It was fairly inexpensive - maybe $20.00.
    I also use a small plastic diffuser cap that slides onto the flash head - mine came with the flash, i'm sure you could find some aftermarket ones.
    Did you try bouncing off the ceiling / walls anyway? I've gotten some interesting effects with that - if the surface has some reflectivity to it you still get fill light - and better black than green or blue.

  4. Thanks guys! I followed the link in Jeff's post, and watched the video posted there. The idea to use the foamy stuff to make a bounce card was great, AND I just happened to have some on hand. So, I'll be trying it out this weekend and see if I like the results.

    Jeff, long time no talk, my friend. Thanks for the note.


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