Saturday, August 11, 2007

Belly Dance

I am fortunate indeed to be well connected to the belly dance community in Madison. I have started to learn how to take effective photos of the dancers, striving to capture not only the dancer, but the dance. These photos (post title is link to more) are of the portrait variety. I'll be posting some 'dance' images later and hope you'll provide critical feedback.


I have scores of photos of this dancer. I find it really easy to take great photos of her, and I relish the opportunities to do so. This summer she and her troupe (el Genneyya) performed at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in WI accompanied by an Arabic band (al Khemia) featuring my sweetie.


Rivka is one of the dancers in Ayperi's troupe, el Genneyya. I managed to capture some lovely shots of her, both dancing and in contemplative moments. I look forward to more opportunities.

The Dancers and Players set is here:


  1. These photos are awesome! You've captured personality and spirit, as well as the lovliness of the women in motion. I'm so excited you're blogging your photos! I haven't updated my art blog in a while, I need to do that! Miss you! (ps, just found a primo Indian restaurant today in north Dallas begging for you and Reena to come visit)

  2. Dallas is a bit of a hike for dinner. We're going to Sedona in a few weeks to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Woot! I'm hoping for some Ansel Adams inspiration, or maybe Galen Rowell.

  3. These shots are great - the colors really pop, and you get the dancing feeling in the portraits.
    Nice job!

  4. Wow. Spectacular photos, Nataraj. That first one, in particular, is absolutely stunning!



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