Monday, August 1, 2011

Mr. Big Top (assistant)

Sometimes it is hard to keep the cool-meter pegged. Other times the ol' cooliometer is bouncing at the top of the rev range. This summer has certainly been filled with awesomeness. Today I got to help erect a big circus tent.


It is a job that requires a lot of bodies and only a couple of brains, so I was perfect as an assistant. The roof gets laid out first. Then the tie-down points are noted and anchor stakes driven in. Next we moved the center poles into roughly correct locations. The side poles are put in place and partially erected; put at an angle to keep them standing but not under tension. The side guy wires are loosely fitted. Then, the center poles go up.


Once the center poles were in place, the center rig - in this case for a Spanish web - could go up and get secured. Then the side panels were installed and tied up.

Center rig point for the Spanish web

And finally, someone had to go up top to put the flags in place. I quickly volunteered and put one of them up.


Yep, cool stuff abounds.

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