Thursday, August 11, 2011

Enjoyable Work Trip Without The Work

I had set up a photo shoot with a woman who is very pregnant for last Monday. She lives in central Minnesota, and I live in southern Wisconsin, so we were hoping to find some place in the middle. She is about to have significant expense added to her life so I was trying hard to keep expenses down. My sister-in-law owns a very nice cabin on a tiny lake in north-west Wisconsin, a convenient half-way point, and she was willing to let us use it for an overnight. Alas, the woman's doctor advised her that perhaps a 2.5 hour road trip (each way) four days before her due date was not the best choice. So the work part of the overnight was cancelled. However, my lovely wife and I still had the time, so we went up and had a really nice mini-vacation.

Chillaxin' on the Deck

Among other things, we took the paddle boat out and explored the lake. There is a tiny stream that connects the lake with the next one over. It is often dry, but this year there was sufficient water to get to the other lake too. We spent an hour or more splishing around at really slow speeds seeing the sights.

A Neighbor's Boat

Clouds had been coming and going all morning so we kept a weather eye out for rain. Eventually, of course, it came upon us when we were on the other lake. We got a little wet, and it did not dampen our enjoyment of the outing.

Water Lilies Under Threatening Sky

It would have been nice to actually have a relaxing stay and earn some money, but the time spent was greatly enjoyed.

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