Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dress Rehearsal Done - Big Show Tonight!

Yesterday I spent all day in the park helping to set the stage for the Cycropia Aerial Dance troupe's performances at the Orton Park Festival. Immediately following a day of labor we had our dress rehearsal. All the lights that just went up, hours of pulling electrical and data cable, putting up the backdrops, changing tent, sound tent, and setting the sound system were put to the test. There were some sound glitches and lighting miscues as things were tried and sorted out. We get only one shot at getting it right before the show opens tonight.

But oh, is the audience in for a a fantastic show!


I have spoken before about the muscle that gets built as we train and rehearse, and the photo above is additional proof. What I have not told you is the equivalent amount of grace and athleticism that is also developed. We push ourselves hard as we rehearse and provide 'outside eyes' for each other to refine and improve our choreography. We observe the details and offer each other suggestions about hand position, direction of gaze, softening or tightening a line in the air and so on. And it shows.


The performance tonight is at 7:45 and is preceded by two hours of activities for kids including face painting, hula hoop instruction (adults too!), sidewalk chalk art, a 'baby dance' (by momma dancers with brand new little ones), and a parade. Come early and definitely bring the family. Friday's show is at 8:45 and follows music at the festival itself. Arrive early for better viewing! I assure you, blankets for reserving space are already on the ground.


This is a show you do NOT want to miss if you are in the Madison, WI, area. Really. The show is free, and we pass a hat to collect donations. Enjoy the show, and toss in a few bucks if you can. That is what makes doing the show possible. The performers, choreographers, costumers, makeup artists, house manager, stage manager, backstage manager, and almost all the other roles are not paid. Yet the budget for the show is thousands of dollars, funded in part by a grant from the Madison Arts Commission with additional funds from the Wisconsin Arts Board. Those sources are likely to dry up with our new governor's policies.


Here is a link to a SLIDE SHOW with shots from the dress rehearsal and the rigging and rehearsals from last weekend. The newest images are up front. See you at the tree!

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  1. Nataraj--what a great set of photos! I love love love the ones of people frolicking in the bright green, sunlit backdrop of the tree--what joy! :) Thank you for sharing. -Kristi


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