Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gathering Their Bounty

There is a lot of insect activity in my yard today. Everything seems like it is buzzing, hopping, or crawling.


This was the first large grasshopper I have seen this year. I wonder where they have been? I suppose partying, like in the story. The bees I have seen a lot of this year, for which I am grateful.


This last one looked like a wasp to me, but it could be that it is merely a variety of bee I am unfamiliar with. Perhaps one of my beekeeper friends will set me straight.


Regardless, here we are at just past mid-summer, first harvest has passed, and all creatures great and small are gathering their bounty. In my case, the squirrels are gathering our bounty just before things (like peppers) are actually ripe enough to harvest. Perhaps I will harvest squirrels?

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