Sunday, December 5, 2010

Welcome to Winter

Madison had its first snowfall a couple of days ago. I knew it was coming - the airwaves were a-twitter with the storm we were going to get walloped with - and went to bed with no snowflakes descending. I awoke uncharacteristically (at least since I changed careers) at 6:00 and was brain-restless. So I eased out of bed and put on some warm clothes. We turn the heat down to 56 degrees (F) at night because the down comforter we have is so doggone warm, but crawling out at o-dark-hundred is sort of brutal (not that I'd really know that since Reena is usually first up, but it sure sounds tough). Peeking out the window confirmed the arrival of the white fluffy stuff. It was still pretty dark out and I did not have much to gauge the depth of the fall.


As the light came up it got easier to tell, and it was clear that our sky-is-falling storm was about three inches. Pfft! That is hardly worth shoveling. But after getting roundly and deservedly criticized last year for crappy plowing, the city had plows out to make the road safe for bad drivers.


Well the sun came up and the snow slowed to a ... what? a trickle does not sound right. I need a word people! ... little bit and life went on. Being more motivated than I, Reena went out and shoveled. She saved clearing off the car for me, though, so I did my part.

Welcome to winter.

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  1. Slowed to a . . . fluffle? Dusting? A smatter?

    WE don't get much here in NC (usually). I love watching it snow really late (or early), when the reflective white lets you see the nighttime landscape differently, and everything is still and silent, except for the sound of the snow falling.


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