Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

I have discovered that there is not much I enjoy more than ringing in the new year with performance. As part of my participation with Cycropia Aerial Dance, I think I will have more such opportunities. Last night we performed, on stilts or otherwise on the ground, at the Potawatomie Casino in Milwaukee, WI. We were in a banquet hall while guests were drinking and dining, and our efforts were improvisational and frequently interactive with the guests.

Getting Ready

The fabulous costuming was courtesy of one of the troupe and also one of the dancers. She is pretty amazing in both capacities. She also sets the plan for makeup so we are generally pretty coordinated.

Ready to Perform!

The night was fun for us and the audience seemed to appreciate what we brought to them. With a bit of a paycheck involved, what is not to love? This seems to be a new years resolution I can live with!

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