Thursday, December 16, 2010

Change Your Perspective

The world of photography seems to have few rules, but the ones that you do run into seem to be pretty universal. The first is the "rule of thirds". I break that one all the time depending on what I'm shooting. The other one is "Change your perspective." The other day when I was shooting a snapshot of the new baby of a friend, a change of perspective seemed appropriate.

How we see them...

We ALWAYS look at the baby. I had a wide angle lens on the camera, so I flopped to the floor and snapped a baby's eye view of things. It cracked me up.

How they see us...

Proud mama and friend coo and smile at the wee bairn. Just how the heck do you suppose the little one feels about it? Socialization starts really young, eh? Interesting what a change of perspective will do.

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