Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Morning Rime

Our first winter snow fall left Madison covered with a thick layer of white. It was not much of a storm here (other parts of the state received over 20 inches) yet it snarled the city in ways that seem peculiar to me. It is clearly not without its beauty however. And today's special mix of conditions added notably to it.


The lakes are still open - that is, not frozen over as they will be in another week or so - and this morning we had temperatures of -5 (F). As you might imagine, that created quite a bit of steam coming off the water. There was a slight breeze, so the steam hit shore and coated all the trees with rime, a specific sort of frost. It seemed to be pretty localized, though I was limited in time and did not follow the lake shore extensively.


These photos, and others at the front of my Winter 2010 SLIDE SHOW at Flickr were taken at James Madison Park. They are worth looking at in the larger size. New images are up front in case you already visited the slide show. Enjoy!

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  1. I love this second one with the blue sky, red house, white trees. Great contrasts!


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