Thursday, December 23, 2010

High Tech Stilts

Last night some of us were rehearsing for an upcoming performance. The act involves performers on stilts and on the ground so we were practicing weight sharing and specific tricks. Then when we were done "working" Mr. B. pulled out his new jumping stilts. These are to wooden (or PVC) stilts what a motorcycle is to a minibike.

Stilts Go High Tech

Of course, all that machined aluminum and fiberglass (or carbon fiber if you have deep pockets) comes at a price. But if you want to jump on stilts, these are the way to go. Here Mr. B. takes a cruise on them. He has not yet reached the jumping caliber yet, but he's pretty dogged and determined so I suspect it will not take long.

Test Cruise on the Jumping Stilts

Others tried them as well. I have not yet, but the offer is there so I am certain to give them a try. Time to dig out my knee and elbow pads!

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