Monday, December 13, 2010

Creating Reality

Illusion. Selective focus. Creating reality.

The Setting
The boudoir

Creating an intimate setting in a studio can be a challenge unless said studio is graced with a large budget and equally large storage for props. Quite a lot can be done with simple things that allow a small space to be used in a carefully orchestrated way. Crafting with a goal in mind helps. For this setup I also put myself in the shot to "hold space" and see where my light really was.

The Test
The test shot

The pose is not correct as I had my camera on a five - not ten - second timer, and it did not matter if it was spot on anyway. What I was looking for was the quality of the light and the completeness of the illusion. My subject will be a lovely woman clad in a sheer top and perhaps nothing else. Since the top is black and lacy, I might mask her eyes with a band of black lace to create a dash more mystery. The image, and others in mind, will be a gift for her partner.

The Illusion
The illusion

Simple props, used carefully and with selective vision, create bits of magic and art. Tests like this help me see the details, like wrinkles in fabric drapes, and I can correct them before the client arrives. This is the part of my work that I love.

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