Sunday, April 5, 2009

More Snow. *sigh*

Here is what those siberian iris look like this morning.

Iris in the Snow


  1. Wow your blog looks really nice, i like all that stuff you have on the left side, your current favorite, your link to flickr & your tunes. Neat. I'll have to play with mine some more to figure some of these things out.

    The iris actually look neat in the snow since they pop out so well. hopefully the snow doesn't harm them.

  2. Thanks, Steena. I took a default Blogger theme and modified the HTML to bend it to my will. Mostly just trying to get a black background theme structured so that the photos were on the right, AND the frame large enough to show them when I choose "Medium" as the size from Flickr. If I just use the "Blog this" function from Flicker, I don't like the results. It helps to know basic HTML (it really isn't that hard for the most common things). All the stuff on the left is standard Blooger gadgets except the Site Meter, and they provide the code which I just dropped into a Text Gadget.

    The snow did NOT harm the iris! Yea!!!


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