Thursday, April 9, 2009

I learned some things today...

Big Red Buddy

I learned that...

...the gas tank on my Honda 919 is supposed to hold 5.0 gallons, but it really holds 4.8 gallons. Honda 919 normally gets about 40-42 MPG, even with my Givi hard bags on.
...gasoline with ethanol SUCKS, costs more, and returns significantly reduced MPG.
...month old "gasoline" with aforementioned high-fructose corn syrup degrading it sucks even more than fresh "gasoline" with high-fructose corn syrup degrading it.
...burning said degraded "gasoline" in a Honda 919 yields about 36.2 MPG (a 14% reduction in fuel efficiency if you're keeping track). But hey! Let's burn that crap instead of inflating our tires to their proper pressure and increasing fuel economy for free (go Rush!).
...leaving home on my Honda 919 for a round trip to Beaver Dam, WI, (about 47 miles each way) without my wallet is really, really stupid.
...being at the apogee of my trip when noticing I don't have my wallet leaves a sinking feeling in my stomach.
...riding conservatively helps, but not enough to get you to mile 175, only to 172.
...I should have bummed a couple of bucks off my former coworkers in Sun Prairie (mile 165 on the tank) and bought some gas.
...that there is no extra little bit of gas in the tank of a Honda 919 that you can access by leaning the bike waaaay over to its left.
...that small business-owning, Harley-riding guys are nice, and will give you $3 when you ask for $1.
...that there is some axiom that states when you run out of gas, even if it is REALLY close to a gas station, the driveway to said gas station will be REALLY freaking steep (across from East Towne...).
...that the pony-tailed hippie walking his dog, observing you grunting your bike up said driveway, not making it and having to stop and rest - twice - will walk right past you and ask - brilliantly - "Run out of gas?" without helping push the last 7-8 feet of freaking steep driveway.

What a day of education for Nataraj!

UPDATE: But wait! It seems the education is not over yet. After stopping home for my wallet, I topped off my tank and rode home about 0.1 miles and parked in the garage, even though I'm taking the bike out again later this evening. Said full tank proceeded to pee "gasoline" all over the garage floor, stinking things up quite nicely. Of course, the stench will seep into the house in no time. Kitty litter will help, but not enough. Note that the Honda 919 has never done this before, so this is a special treat!

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