Tuesday, April 21, 2009

this drippy, drizzly day

Every so often I get completely caught up in one aspect of my life and forget about others. Recently I have been nearly consumed by the upcoming aerial dance show, and all other thoughts got sent to back burners. On this drippy, drizzly day I remembered to notice that my yard was turning green. Grabbing my camera, I went out to investigate what was going on.

Black Trillium
Black Trillium

The trillium, both the store-bought black and the rescued woodland white, are up and have blossoms ready to open. The Mayapples are up and grew about two inches since yesterday. A couple have buds showing.


Mayapple With Bud
Mayapple With Bud

And I was tickled to find a volunteer bleeding heart in a basement window well. It is the window the clothes dryer vents out of, and all that warm, moist air gave this one a head start. I have 4-5 others in the yard, and all are lagging well behind this one.

Bleeding Heart
Blooming Bleeding Heart

As I wandered the yard, I found quite a list of things up and at it:
Crocus (done already)
Siberian Iris (already done)
Daffodil (full bloom)
Bearded Iris
Day Lily
Tiger Lily
Bleeding Heart
Chive (yummy!)
Snow on the Mountain
Dutchman's Britches
Wild Geranium

I am sure there are more that I am forgetting. Oh, it is nice to stick my nose out there! And as the day time draws to a close, the sun has burned through the clouds and is pouring down on the wet earth. Happy garden!

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