Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ironworks Breakfast

Generally I am not a fan of big breakfasts. If I eat a big, traditional American breakfast, I am groggy for the next few hours. I am much more likely to eat a Kashi GoLean bar with some water whenever I get hungry enough to notice. That might be the moment I wake up, or several hours later. Anyway, it generally gets the job done and carries me through to lunch. This week however, Reena suggested we try out the Ironworks Cafe. The café is a project of the Goodman Community Center, and its mission, in partnership with East High School, is to enable youth with both basic job skills, and real life business management experience.

French Toast
Ironworks Cafe French Toast with Blueberry/Sea berry Sauce

While Reena opted for the "eggs your way" selection with avocado, mushrooms, and bacon, I went with the tempting french toast topped with a blueberry and sea berry sauce. I have no idea what a sea berry is, but the sauce was awe-awe-awesome. Reena mopped my plate with her toast to get every drop of it. It was not a huge plate of food - hooray! - and it was a mere $4.50. I had a glass of the freshest fresh-squeezed orange juice to wash it down. The service was...interesting...but considering the goal of the cafe and the pool of workers drawn from the School of Hard Knocks, there was nothing to complain about. If you want obsequious service, go to l'etoile. If you want to do some good for your community and have a delicious breakfast, head for Ironworks.

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  1. Hmmm... I usually pull into work around 8, so if I were willing to get up just a bit early some morning, I could hit that up.


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