Monday, April 20, 2009

Cycropia Spring Show Sneak Peek

The tech run for the upcoming aerial dance show went well yesterday. Our goal was to run each piece and sort out all the logistical issues each piece, and the show in general, would need resolved. A work day on Saturday had prepped the space, hanging a large black velvet backdrop, three fabric screens for video projection, and one of the three projectors that would be used. As each piece ran, the tech crew made notes on rigging for each apparatus - when and how it would strike, and who would do that during the show - as well as where the piece was in space to make sure the dancers would be properly lit at all times. Simultaneously the sound and projection folks were making certain that the plans they had made would really work as expected. It is a long processes, consuming seven hours to prep for a show that will run just over an hour.

Care for a sneak peak?

Cycropia Spring Show-Tech Run

In a break from my usual habit of posting just a few photos, I thought I would try something a little different and embed a slide show to the entire set I have at my Flickr site. The slide show sometimes takes a moment to display the next image. If you get impatient, rolling your mouse over the show will bring up controls.

Still photos cannot do this work justice. Come see the show!

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  1. This looks awesome Nataraj! I did not know you did aerial as well. :)
    I took a class at the Actors Gym here in chicago for circus arts and as much as I loved to try the aerial techniques... it was really hard for me. Although I felt better about the lyra and cloud swing. Break a leg this weekend! Have a great show!


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