Friday, February 27, 2009

Who knows what is coming next?

Parting Shot
And now for something completely different

As of today, I am unemployed. It is not as bad as it sounds since I have taken a voluntary separation from my employer and the deal came with a generous severance package. After 19 years it is time to move on, let the analytical side of my brain have a rest, and stretch the right side of my brain for a while. In my nearly two decades of service there I have been a Senior Programmer, Business Analyst, Logistics Liaison to IT, Production Planner (a serious misstep in my career path!), and most recently Transportation Analyst. All in all it has been a good run.

And now it is time to let my creative side come out to play more completely. In the 30 days since I made my decision to separate I have had a number of opportunities come knocking, some of which even include some pay. Individually none of them makes any sort of difference in my income. Collectively they begin to point at new directions. Success, as they say, begets success. Each opportunity to put my name out there as an artist of some variety is another chance for someone to notice and say, Hey, I wanna pay that guy for what he is doing.

Who knows what is coming next? I do not, and that is a great feeling.

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  1. dear nataraj, i admire your courage. i wish you success in this new phase of your life. it's an amazing opportunity for your art. enjoy! celebrate! live! yours, joão


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