Saturday, February 14, 2009

No stopping spring now

I was able to spend a little time today outside in between running a couple of errands. I stopped at the bit of the Arboretum that runs along Monroe Street. I parked in the little lot near the old council ring. (I really miss having fires and drum circles there. Fie on Madison!) We have had a couple of nice days earlier this week with temperatures in the 50's (F). I have already noticed daffodils, crocus, and day lilies sprouting in my yard. I wanted to see if the spring at the Arboretum had any fresh watercress in it yet. I suspected I was too early.



There was actually a fair bit of it already. Not copious amounts mind you, but certainly a delightful burst of spring to put a little bounce in my step.

Fresh Watercress

All around the stream there was still snow on the ground, the grasses were brown and the trees bare.

Waiting For Spring
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But the world knows: There is no stopping spring now.

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