Monday, February 16, 2009

Congrats, Mona and Randy!

A few weeks ago local dance instructor Mona N'wal got hitched to a great guy. They tied the knot in the Caribbean on the white sand beach with an ocean behind them that just happened to match the dress Mona wore. Since Mona has a lot of friends, fans, and students in town they threw a reception party at the Mediterranean Hookah Lounge, the venue where Mona and a number of her belly dance students have been performing for the past couple of years. As part of the celebration, a batch of dancers - including Mona - performed. It was a really fun way to have a reception party.

Here is Mona herself:


I had to leave before all the dancers had their turn, but I did get photos of a few of them. The rest are after the jump, so follow the link below to read the rest of the post.

In and effort to disturb the dancers less, I did not use any flash. The light in the restaurant was a lousy mix of indirect sunlight, and dim tungsten and fluorescent lights so shooting was all done at ISO 800 at f/1.4, with shutter speeds around 1/50th or slower. Color correction was needed on each photo. Not my best camera work, but the images are fun so I went with them anyway.



Tashar with Fire Fingers




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