Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When I Grow Up

There has been a lot of conversation at work about What Comes Next, both for those of us who have opted to leave and those who have opted to stay (a 50-50 split in my department, which I think was unexpected). I refer to my own plans by saying that I intend to loaf for a while then determine what I want to be when I grow up. A coworker just asked me if I could point her at one of those sites that does career assessment based on responses to questions, the sort of thing one does in high school when wondering what to study in college. I pointed her at While I was there, I figured what the heck and answered the questions. Here are the results:

Career Inventory Test Results

Extroversion |||||||||||||||||||||||| 76%
Emotional Stability |||||||||||||||||| 60%
Orderliness |||||||||||| 33%
Altruism ||||||||||||||| 46%
Inquisitiveness |||||||||||||||||| 56%

You are an Inventor, possible professions include - systems designer, venture capitalist, actor, journalist, investment broker, real estate agent, real estate developer, strategic planner, political manager, politician, special projects developer, literary agent, restaurant/bar owner, technical trainer, diversity manager, art director, personnel systems developer, computer analyst, logistics consultant, outplacement consultant, advertising creative director, radio/TV talk show host.
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I guess I have to be at least a little impressed with their results since it includes two of my last three roles at work: logistics consultant and computer analyst. My inclination to blog points at journalist. My hobby as an aerial dancer tilts towards actor. My (reasonably) successful portfolio management indicates investment broker is not unrealistic. Well, I guess I have my list of Where To Look as I let my brain wander the future. I might add Life Coach to that list...


  1. I don't know about the possible professions, but I would say that the inventory results and the label pretty well fit :-)

    Congrats on making a tough decision and good luck! You may have to come out east and play Poohsticks on one of the rivers/streams in the DC area!

  2. At least you had a choice. I am happy to be home with Henry, I just wish it had been my decision! I hope you got a great severance package and can just loaf for awhile. I just added two more classes to my Spring schedule and Nature and I are figuring out how to manage with me being full-time mom and grad student!


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