Saturday, January 17, 2009


Finally the extremely cold weather we have been having (daytime highs of -4 F) has passed and today is a balmy 24 degrees F. As I was returning home from a few errands I spotted a para-skier on Lake Monona. I took a few pics, but he was moving away from me so I did not get any great shots. I noted that I was just a short distance from the Olbrich sledding hill, so I headed over that-a-way. To my delight there were people out sledding.

Mom Looks On

In this sequence, the mom looks on while dad and child prepare for the first run of the day on an inner-tube-like sled. It is all great fun until about halfway down the hill.

White Out!
White Out!

Dad's big ol' sneaker dug into the hill sending a shower of snow up over both of them.

The Fun Is Over

At first I did not understand why the little guy was sobbing at the end of the run. After all, it was just a little snow. However, take a look at that last picture, enlarged: View On Black OK, that is a fair amount of snow plastered into the little guy's eye! I agree that might hurt a little, and be more than a little surprising. I wonder if he got over it, or if he had enough sledding for this year? I gave dad my card, so maybe I will find out.

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