Tuesday, January 27, 2009

nothing more complicated than Pooh Sticks

Being an optimist, I bounce pretty quickly after making a decision. It has been 24 hours since I committed to my decision to take a voluntary separation from my current employer. I have no termination date yet, but assume (yeah, I know) that it will be within 90 days. An outside date of April 30 seems likely. And by April 30 ...

Ready to Go!
Ready to Go!

... the roads will be clear and the weather generally warm enough to ride. And ride. And ride. Suddenly I foresee a series of 2-3 day rides to interesting places, camping and travelling on the cheap. Weekend? Whenever I want! This next photo was taken on March 29th:

MZ Adventure Touring Bike
Spring Ride

Soon enough practicality will win out and I will seek out another job. But in the short run, I think I will be able to fill my days with nothing more complicated than Pooh Sticks.

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