Monday, January 26, 2009

Folk Ball!

Madison's annual Folk Ball was this past weekend. It is a mid-winter treat for dancers and musicians, who turn out by the hundreds for the event. There is a light schedule Friday night and Sunday, but the meat of it is on Saturday. The day is filled with workshops on such things as folk dances from places like Albania, Macedonia, Greece, or the Balkans, and music from those same regions and others too. Participants offer donations for the workshop, savor the experience, then gather again that night for the Folk Ball. Held in Great Hall of the Memorial Union, a line-up of bands plays appropriate music, and the dancers get to try out all they learned earlier. There is something magical about witnessing 300 people performing a Transylvanian line dance, snaking and hopping their way through the jam-packed hall, blissed out or brow furrowed in concentration. What a treat!

Orchestra Sloboda Gets 'Em Dancing
Orchestra Sloboda Gets 'Em Dancing

There are more photos, so follow the link to the rest of the post...

Michael K
Michael K Grooving on the Dance

Rich, Michael, and Chris
Rich, Michael, and Chris Lead the Dance

Kia from RPO on Accordian

Boa Bill
Bill from RPO in Boa

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