Sunday, October 19, 2008

What It Is All About In Wisconsin

People who do not live in Wisconsin often ask why I choose to live here. After all, they say, do you not have winter for eight months per year? While sometimes it does seem like that, last winter being a great example since we did not see the ground for five months because it was buried under 100 inches of snowfall, we also have four distinct seasons. And that, my friends, is what makes Wisconsin a fine place to live. Yes we get cold weather, often a week or more each year where the temperature does not get above zero degrees (F). Yes we get hot and humid weeks with 90 degrees (F) and 80 percent humidity. Yes we have swarms of mosquitos ready to drain you of blood. As compensation for that we get spring and fall. This fall, in particular, is showcasing what it is all about.

Trees a-blazing
Trees a-Blazing

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The colors are almost unbelievable. Trees and shrubs go from green, green, green to yellow!, orange! and red!

Now THAT'S Red
Now THAT is red!

Electric Color

The sky is an aching blue,

Looks like a biofuel ad photo
Makes you want to use biofuel...

and even the bird food gets into the act.

Itty-Bitty Tomatoes
Tomatoes for the Birds

And we get out there and savour it. Saturday Reena and I took a short hike through the Arboretum, encountering dozens of like-minded folk who were soaking up the sun and wallowing in the amazing colors. Cameras were everywhere. It was warm enough to skip the hat and gloves, but cool enough that most were in fleece or medium jackets. But all, and I do mean all, wore smiles.

Reena with Bouquet
Reena With Leaf Bouquet

We do love our autumn here in Wisconsin. There is nothing like it (except in Minnesota and Michigan). In a week or two the show will be over. Trees bare, skies grey, and snow just around the corner. But for now, the world is ablaze, and I would not miss it for the world.

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