Thursday, October 9, 2008

Swept Hilt Rapier

Another studio study. I wanted to convey mystery and singular focus. Here's the scene:

It is 1550 in the Year of our Lord. All evening you have been playing at cards and dice, enjoying the fermentation of the grapes from the Rhine valley near Mainz. Both the wine and the gambling were sweet, and you indulged freely in both. Now, sated and considerably wealthier, you return to your room near the Dom, stumbling a little on the uneven cobbles. The quiet sssssssSting of a drawn sword sharpens your wits. Your eyes focus with razor sharpness on the basket of a swept-hilted rapier as it appears in the lone light in the window of the Schokoladenhaus. You are about to be robbed.

Rogue 1


  1. from a costumer: nice sleeve! from a stage combat person: nice sword! from artistic perspective: I think more mystery w/ a mask on, but then that would challenge the lighting on your face! Great experiements!

  2. VEEERRRY Nice! Isn't it great bringing fantasy to life with photography? :-) I'm a big fan of light vs shadow, and you did a marvelous job here!


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