Monday, October 6, 2008

Outdoor Improv Score

One of the activities at the GLACIER event this weekend was an outdoor score. A score is a framework in which an improv performance is crafted. You can think of soccer in these terms. A soccer match is a specific structure with goals and boundaries, but virtually everything that happens, moment by moment, in any given game is improvised. "Soccer" is the score while the game is the performance. Anyway, the score for Saturday afternoon was for the group to focus on three things: Expansion, contraction, and flocking. Regardless of what the group was doing - the improv - they were to focus on those three things as a group. The end result was goofy and creative as you might guess. At unpredicable moments the entire group would be in close proximity (contraction) though not all doing the same thing. Routinely there were pockets of people all doing the same activity (flocking). And often the entire group was spread out into three or four groups separated by a hundred yards or more (expansion).

Though I participated, I also sometimes stood outside the score and took photos.

Three in the Leaves

There are a bunch more photos after the jump, so follow the link!

Not so many words because I want the photos to tell the story.


I See You! - an example of flocking.

A definite moment of contraction

Expansion in process

Contact Improv on the Trail

Indulging the Senses


  1. Thanks for this, friend. I missed you all dearly and trust it was full-fill-ing. - love Lynn

  2. I missed you too, Lynn. I hope all is well with you.

  3. Great to see what you are doing, just came across your blog, particularly integrating contact and creation.
    fellow dancer
    from Vancouver...Celeste


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