Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cold Start to a Hot Weekend

Friday night I left work and rode a motorcycle north to a tiny hamlet called Willard, Wisconsin. There really isn't much in Willard, but just outside of town is a place called the Christine Center. Their self described function is, "A Sanctuary for Spiritual Deepening and Global Transformation in the lineage of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, the Christine Center embraces persons of all spiritual paths in a natural Sanctuary." I believe them. However, I was not there for a spiritual retreat, per se, but rather for a contact improv dance retreat. More on that later.

The ride up there was going to be cold. The weather when I left Madison was OK at around 60 (F). I had my liner in my jacket, but knew that it would not be sufficient before my journey was over. I blasted up the Interstate to Black River Falls. There I was out of light and heat. I stopped for gas, swapped my sunglasses for regular glasses, and added a thick insulated shirt, a neck gaiter, and my wind/rain pants atop my kevlar riding pants. I also poured a hot cup of coffee in me and had a sandwich. Thus fortified, I headed north on Hwy. 12/22. The temperature was dropping faster than the setting sun. Only 25 miles later I had to stop and do a bunch of jumping jacks to warm up. I estimated the temperature was now in the mid to low 40's (F). I still had another 18-20 miles to go. The temperature continued to drop. By the time I arrived, I am pretty certain the temps were in the upper 30's. Brrr!

Did I mention that I was camping, in a tent?

Fortunately, the first person I ran into at the Center was my good friend Megan who suggested I share her tent, thus keeping us both warm. She told her wife that I was an "honorary girlfriend" for the night. Heh! Regardless, it was a good plan because I assure you, IT WAS COLD. Local sources said 25 degrees (F). When I awoke, I grabbed my camera and took an exploratory hike. The first thing I checked on was my bike:

Frosty Motorcycle

Click on the link to read the rest...

That is not how a motorcycle is supposed to look! Here's a couple more shots:

Rimed Tank Bag

Icy Seat

The rest of the grounds were pretty though:

Other Intrepid Campers

Christine Center's Frosty Field

Morning Sun Kisses the Frosty Grass

That morning sun made short work of the frost. By late morning it was warm enough to be outside in a t-shirt. One of the dance explorations we did later that day had us out in the woods, using the environment as part of the suggested dance score. My next post will explore that a bit further. Stay tuned!!

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  1. that bike looks like the last thing I'd want to sit down on! good to have found some body warmth!


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