Monday, October 20, 2008

Hell Freezing Over

That sound you hear is hell freezing over.

For the first time in perhaps 25 years or more, I bought Budweiser.



It seems that Bud was missing out on selling all the craft brewed beer that snobs like me were drinking. So they started producing an American Ale. That's an APA to You Who Know, but sounds too frou-frou for the Nascar set. I looked at the label and there it was, my favorite: Cascade hops. So, I bought a sixer. (Yo, McCrusty! This is Nataraj Sixpack talkin' to ya. Quit lyin!) I did a torn-off label taste test on the missus, and she declared it "passably drinkable". Me too. The real test - as with all Bud products - is if we get a headache from drinking it because they use crap ingredients like rice to make the alcohol rather than adhering to reinheitsgebot.

We shall see.

NEXT MORNING UPDATE: No headache, but part way through the second bottle (accompanied by a tasty pizza) I realized I didn't much like it. So, about what I expected - a decent attempt by a huge corporation to "get it", but they simply don't know how. One wonders if the executives of Budweiser (or now InBev) drink their own beer. I would wager large sums of money that they do not. Conclusion: Enough piss! Back to the good stuff.

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  1. Hey! That POS beer is made about 1 mile from my house (Williamsburg, VA)! ha! And I can attest that it is "foul" by the smell that eminates from that brewery - especially when it is humid! FYI: A Belgian Company, InBev, bought Busch this year, since Budweiser sells more in Europe than it does here! geesh! Did ya get a headache?


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