Thursday, September 25, 2008


It seems the National Enquirer's expose of John Edwards extra-marital affair was just a warmup for the main event.

They have a new shocker today.

I first got an inkling of this a couple of weeks ago, while reading an Alaskan blog - Mudflats - where I was trying to learn something, anything about her. There was this blurb:
"And of course, the ultimate vetting team, The National Enquirer, is already here. Who knows, they may have even been here first. We don’t know. They work in mysterious ways. After the Edwards debacle, in which the Enquirer scooped the entire Main Stream Media, and gave themselves a peculiar sort of political ‘cred’, people will be listening closely to what they have to say. These are the folks who have no hesitation getting down in the dirt and asking all those questions that make the main stream media, and most bloggers cringe. It’s hard to draw the line between what’s off-limits and what can be used legitimately to illustrate judgment, and decision making ability. To the Enquirer, nothing is off-limits. They will be busy people… "

And THIS on September 5th, just a week after McCain selected her:
"Two days ago, Todd’s ex-business partner filed an emergency motion to have his divorce papers sealed. Yesterday the motion was DENIED." mainstream media coverage yet, so consider it all rumor and inuendo at this time. But dang, there is a LOT of legal risk for the Enquirer to run this story if they are not certain they have the facts to back it up. I am curious to see when DRUDGE covers it. All I can say at this time is, Nice vetting job, McCain!

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  1. i don't know how ANYONE, Dem, GOP, or Independent/Green, can POSSIBLY think he chose her as his VP other than because his peeps said it'd be a great way to take the Hillary votes from the Dems... man... I just... I mean... ugh. Have you HEARD her response to questions on Russian relations?


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