Sunday, September 21, 2008

Many Things at the Farmer's Market

There are many things available at the Farmer's Market. Some of them are edible.

Kale at the Market

A Plethora of Peppers

Though that's not all that is there to tempt you...follow the link for the rest of the post!

There are so many things of beauty at the Market that catch they eye and encourage you to part with your money. There are fresh flowers,

Particolor Mums

decorative and/or edible ensembles,

Pumpkins on a Rope

armies of sweet bear hunny,


artists and musicians busking for tips,

Seth, Chalk Artist
Seth, Chalk Artist

unusual finds like this Ginko leaf. Why was it there? How did six or eight leaves end up in a pile on the sidewalk where there are no Ginkos around? I may never know...

Ginko Leaf
Ginko Leaf

and, who can overlook the beautiful sales people who smile so brightly at you whether you buy from them or not? Thousands of people causing non-stop distraction and commerce, and nearly all the workers at the market are happy and enthusiastic, clearly delighted to be there.

Farmer's Market Beauty
Who Will Buy This Wonderful Feeling?

What a great way to start off a Saturday!

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