Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Go Pound Sand

I checked the stock price of the corporation I worked for today. It is suffering just as are so many others. Curious, I clicked on the "Insider Trading" link to see what our corporate officers were up to. It turns out that on March 5th, the officers of the corporation received stock "grants" worth approximately $6,000,000.00 on that day. A grant is defined thusly: "The issuance of an award under a stock plan". An award, or bonus in other words. Curiously, just about that exact day, we-the-little-people were told that we were to get no bonus this year based on corporate performance. There would not even be any discretionary bonus for specific areas of the corporation that had performed exceptionally (like the area I work in, for example). There are approximately 1,000 office workers included in the bonus plan here. So that $6 million bonus to the corporate officers could have been a $6,000 bonus to each worker if distributed equally. Instead, they got SIX MILLION DOLLARS and the people who do the work got NOTHING. Message received: Go pound sand, worker-bee.


I think there are lessons we on the lower rungs of the economic ladder might take from the French Revolution. I urge you to follow that link and read the various attributed causes of the revolution. Some of them ought to ring a bell. Grab your pitchfork and torch; it may be time to storm a few McMansions.

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  1. N - I didn't know you worked for the same company I do!!! We get screwed on a monthly AND annual basis... meanwhile, our Chairman (yes, not CEO, not COO, but chairman) gets a $1 million + bonus - EVERY YEAR.

    Makes me ill.


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