Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cloister Meets the Willy Street Fair

I took my sister, the sister, to the Willy Street Fair today. And while it is true she is not cloistered, it is also true that she does not experience the likes of the Willy Street Fair too often. I am pretty sure there was a bit of culture shock.

Sister sister

She met a few of my friends and acquaintances there...Follow the link for the rogues gallery!

She met Megan, dear Megan...


and Rich...


and Luv...


and Angela...


and Kim (Megan's costumenal twin)


and Linda,


and Lisa.


There were more. Lots more. To see the rest, check out my Flickr Site album! There WILL be more photos posted to that set as the days go by also.

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