Saturday, September 6, 2008

Capoeira on the Street

Friday night on State Street, some capoeira players were doing their thing in the middle of the street. It helps that the street is blocked off for construction further down, so they were only interrupted once by a cab. Passers-by were entertained, and the players were fit and having obvious fun. I suspect it was a recruitment bid for the club now that the students are back in town. I was immediately invited to come play with them. Maybe. I did capoeira years ago but wandered off in search of harder martial arts, passing through a Muay Thai kickboxing school, aikido, and fencing along the way before landing at the Zhong Yi kung fu school for a few years. Now that I have hung up my gloves, maybe it is time to check them out again. It would be a fine addition to contact improv dance.

Capoeira Player
Capoeira Players




Capoeira Musicians
Capoeira Musicians

And no, I have not switched to B & W, despite the evidence of these last two posts. I have been recognizing that some photos are more effective in B & W though. Expect to see more.

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