Saturday, July 19, 2008

What Saturdays Are Made Of

My day started in front of the computer, editing a couple hundred photos I had taken the night before. I had been at the initial showing of the pieces for the Cycropia Aerial Dance troupe's upcoming performance at the Orton Park Festival. The dancers show their works in progress to the entire cast and crew, and get critical feedback on the elements of the piece. Most of the photos were quickly sorted into Good/Bad categories and didn't need much work other than that. So I posted a set of 60 or so at my Flickr site.

Then Reena decided she wanted to go in to work for an hour or so, and did I want to go downtown with her? I thought I would, and perhaps find the parkour jammers who were in town this weekend for a regional event. I didn't, so I circled back to State Street where Maxwell Street Days was in full swing. I checked out a couple of booths on the street before heading to The Camera Company. Business there done, I snapped a shot down State Street to capture the teeming masses taking advantage of the bargains to be had.

First Three Blocks of State Street
Maxwell Street Days on State Street

Then I toddled across Main Street and into Sucre for a smackerel of something. I just happened to have received a new motorcycle magazine in the mail that morning.

Saturday Brunch
Saturday Brunch at Sucre

From there I reconnected with Reena and did some more bargain hunting. Actually, she did the hunting, I lingered and looked at people. Realizing that the hot sun was taking its toll, we ducked into Icon and had some calamari and a drink. Reena had what seems to be the new "It" drink, a mojito.

The "It" Drink?
The New "It" Drink?

Then I had a nap!

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