Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blessed With It All

Here we are sweltering through the dog days of summer. Everyone is muttering about how sticky we are as we go through outdoor activities bathed in sweat. Air conditioning seems like a godsend after yard work. The mosquitos are ravenous, and the whiiiiine of one after your head hits the pillow means waking up with an itchy, puffy bite somewhere on your body.

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to post a reminder of what was going on four and a half months ago, at the end of February. Perhaps this will help you feel just a little bit cooler today:

Five Feet Deep

Each extreme in its season, I guess. I can't imagine living in a place that didn't have four distinct seasons. Wisconsin gets quite the range of temperatures in the course of a year. Lows of -10 (F) happen pretty much every year, and highs of 95 (F) are also pretty routine. Add in 75 percent humidity and that feels pretty thick and steamy. On the plus side we frequently get absolutely delightful spring and fall weather. In short, we are blessed with it all.

Along with the heat and bugs in summer, we get flowers. We get riotous blooms in wave after wave. My yard is in bloom from mid-March (crocus) until frost kills the dahlias and mums. Right now, the day lilies and hostas are in full swing, and about the time they wane, the cannas will be bursting.

Lily Bokeh
Lily Bokeh

Ever refreshing!

Snow storms to bug swarms means home -
Madison, Wisconsin.

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  1. That snow photo looks so good right now! Everyone keeps telling me that DC hasn't gotten anywhere near its normal summer heat/humidity. And I already want to jump into that photo and roll around in the snow :-)


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