Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just a Little Off the Top, Please

Reena had a little growth on her nose that popped up a year ago. Nothing terrible, just a "fibrous papule of the nose" according to her doc. This morning she went in to have it removed. They had several options of how to remove it, but opted to freeze it and cut it out using something like a tiny cookie cutter. I had suspected that she would come home with a gargantuan piece of gauze and a few six-inch strips of tape holding it in place. Sort of comical overkill. I was pleasantly surprised to see a smallish round band-aid in place.

The end result of the process was a single stitch closing the wound. It will come out in a few days.

Being the sort of person who can spend hours wrapping a present, Reena was having none of the bandage the doc put on. Nope, she stopped at Walgreens and bought some mostly clear round bandages, and proceeded to cut it to fit her delicate schnoz.

Being the loving husband that I am, I crowded into the bathroom with her to photo-document the process. Being the Leo that I am, I had to get at least one shot of me getting the shot. Such thoughtfulness! But after all, it's probably the only nose job she will ever get.

All done, it is clear that her efforts have paid off. The new bandage is about as unobtrusive as possible. I wonder if she will make three or four of them so she's ready for work on Monday morning, or will it be Panic In The Bathroom as she realizes that she is gonna miss her bus while she's trimming the bandage? Only the Shadow knows!

In the meantime, she is not standing out like a sore thumb, and looks just lovely. In a couple of weeks one will never know there was a red blob there in the first place. Perfect!

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  1. Oh my heavens, that is the two of you to a T!!!

    Big hugs and much love :-)


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